Úll Gives to the Future of Tech

Úll is a conference for people who build and love great products. And they treat the conference just like a product - with a deep emphasis on the attendee experience. It's an awesome and inspirational experience.

We're telling you this because they went a step above and beyond this year. They encouraged their attendees to give back, but not just to anyone - they choose to give to Codestarter.

The organizers value physical and mental health, so naturally they host a race. The runners were able to sign up with a donation that would go towards laptops for kids learning to code.


Imagine taking a break from inspirational conference sessions to run the beautiful, misty Irish countryside - driven by the idea of getting laptops to kids learning to code.


It must have worked. They brought in just under $800 - enough to fund three laptops for kid coders. That's amazing. But if that wasn't enough - the founders announced during the conference that they were sponsoring an additional laptop on behalf of the attendees. How heartwarming and awesome is that.

Oh but wait... that's not all - this conference isn't just about grown ups that love products. It's also about building strong role models for kids, and encouraging kids themselves to be engaged and involved. So in addition to raising money for Codestarter, they also ran a kids program complete with fun kids workshops - from robotics to tinkering to horse back riding.


We couldn't be more grateful to Paul, Dermot, and Sasha at Úll for helping us get more computers in the hands of kids learning to code. This is one amazing example of the tech community investing in the kids that make up the future of tech.

For more information on Úll, visit the conference site here

Photos by: Ben Rice McCarthy (http://twitter.com/benricem)

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