Joining Codestarter as Communications Director

I was in high school when I got my first computer. As a kid that loved to write, I remember being so thrilled about typing out long stories and seeing the words in front of me on that screen. I could care less that it was a big, boxy, outdated hand-me-down.

I’m not much different from the kids served by Codestarter. I come from a low-income household. We couldn’t afford anything beyond the essentials. I was also the first generation in my family to graduate from college. I had a lot of dreams growing up, and even though I didn’t have the resources, I knew no barriers.

I imagine most of the kids served by Codestarter are the same. They’re excited to learn, and determined to accomplish new things; regardless of whether or not their family can provide the means necessary to get there.

I joined Codestarter because I see a bit of myself in the kids we serve. And I believe that all kids deserve the opportunity to learn and the means to pursue their dreams.

I love that we’re giving these students something concrete and something that they own, to learn and grow in their interests. The demand pouring in from interested kids is astonishing - and it proves that there’s a need for what we do.  And frankly, I love that ultimately we’re personifying the future of tech.

I’ve previously worked as a manager to a US Senator, Marketing Director to an education-based nonprofit, and Communications Strategist for Hipstamatic. I’m determined to make Codestarter a global name, one campaign at a time, creating change for kids everywhere.

Keep an eye out for dynamic photo-stories of the kids we’re working with, and snippets of their hopes and dreams. We’ve got big things planned!