I am a Codestarter

Today is my second week at Codestarter! I am super excited to join Codestarter as their first programmer.


I was first exposed to programming in a class I took one year before I graduated from college. Even though we made very basic and ugly desktop apps, the class totally changed my life. I immediately fell in love with programming.

Despite growing up with computers, I basically thought they were only good for playing games and doing some boring work things.

It took 24 years for me to be exposed to the idea that I could create my own programs for the computer to run. I often wonder what I would be doing today if I had started programming at a younger age.

By this point, I might have already:

  • written a few programming languages
  • come up with a better scripting language for Vim
  • made shell scripting easier

I love programing and I am excited to share it with kids who would otherwise not have access to it.