First delivery of Codestarter Laptops!

We did it! Last weekend Codestarter flew to Springfield, Virginia to deliver the first 35 Codestarter laptops to CoderDojo NOVA. Thomas Debass, the organizer, has put together a four-class summer course on robotics (NXT bots, 3D printing, Arduino, mobile apps), the first of which was held on Sunday.

Just before the session started, the room was abuzz with excited kids, about 45 of them, almost all between the ages of seven and twelve years old. About half were boys and half were girls, primarily from the local area, but one seven-year boy old attended from Caroline County, over 90 minutes away!

When we asked how many kids did not own their own computer, three-quarters of the kids raised their hands! It was an incredible feeling to hand laptops to kids who were taking time out during their summer vacations to learn robotics and programming. Many thanks to our first donors who helped us get these laptops in the hands of such great kids. We’ll be posting more info soon!

CoderDojo NOVA is the just the beginning. Over the coming weeks Codestarter will be rolling out to CoderDojos in Chicago, Seattle, and Orlando, to name just a few! Our mission is to ensure that every kid that wants to learn how to code has their very own laptop. If you want to join our cause and give a laptop to a great kid, go here:

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