Reenvisioning Long-time Donors as Members

Last night we brought together a small, hand-picked group of long-term donors for a happy hour at Bissap Boabab in San Francisco. Three 7th graders from St. Paul's Elementary School who received Codestarter laptops came and shared their coding projects and their dreams for the future. This was our first Codestarter Member event to celebrate the subscription donors who have helped new kids every month get laptops and learn to code.

We learned a ton last night. Most importantly, we learned that people love to see the impact being made from a simple donation.

Donors got to meet the kids and see the apps they created - one that imitates an etch-a-sketch and another that helps users plan for a natural disasters. They played with bananas that made music and an electronic doo-dad that rated your “hotness” as red, yellow, or green.


The night served as a trial-run for future member events, which will give members an inside peek into students’ projects and help Codestarter grow through new member sign-ups. The more people-power we have behind our mission - the more kids we can reach.

And so for those of you that came, thank you. And for those that weren't able to be there - we have exciting news! We'll be hosting larger, quarterly Membership Drives in the future. We've decided that it's important for us to invite all of our members - to come together, learn about our mission, meet some of the kids that have received laptops, and most importantly, to bring friends that share in our beliefs and want to become members as well.


We believe that every child deserves the right to create something incredible, to contribute to the future of tech. And if a child is going to learn to code, they need to have a computer.

New members will help us crowdfund laptops for these kids that want to learn to code, but who can't afford a computer. By putting a computer in their hands, we're giving them ownership of something to create and learn and grow - and you, as members, are investing in the future of tech.