We just hit $100,000 in donations for kids learning to code!

Today we funded our 400th kid coder, 5th grader Isabelle!


Our Codestarter project to crowdfund laptops for low-income kids who want to learn to code is really taking off! This week we hit $100,000 in donations, which means 400 laptops have been funded and 400 new kids will get the opportunity to learn to code.

We’re funding a new kid every 16.3 hours these days, but 7 donors in particular made Codestarter hit the $100,000 mark. I want to say a special thank you to the donors who funded Isabelle’s laptop: Mike, Brandon, Greg, David, Oliver, Amy, Zach and Paul!

Many thanks also to all of our donors and volunteers. We couldn’t do this work without your support. Our team really appreciate your financial contributions and your help writing blog posts, your awesome design and coding skills, and seeing you each week for Codekit Hack Nights when we preconfigure each laptop for our kid coders.

I love imagining what all of these kids will be inspired to do, now that they have their own computers. Where will they be in 10 years? What will their futures look like?

Here’s what our kid coders imagine for the future:

If you want to help another kid get started learning to code, we’d love to have you join us. Check out the next kid on deck to receive a laptop here.