After crowdfunding more than 500 laptops, Codestarter is winding down operations

I’d like to share some important and difficult news with you. At the end of this summer, Codestarter will be winding down. Tom and I are so incredibly thankful for your involvement and support. Because of you, so many more kids have their own laptops and are learning to code. These kids now have the opportunity to create incredible things and change their worlds!

There are several reasons why we’re winding Codestarter down. One of the biggest challenges our team faced was appropriate technology. It became increasingly difficult to get our hands on the model of laptop we used, and the jump to the next level of machine was just too cost prohibitive for our crowdfunding business model. We know there’s an enormous need for cheap development machines (for both kids and adults), and we’ve open-sourced our script for imaging the model of laptop we used. Please take it, use, and make it better! Developing low-cost, highly-reliable hardware is something that so many smart people are working on, and I know that breakthroughs are right around the corner.

We want to ensure the continued successful operation of the laptops that Codestarter has sent out into the world. To that end, we’ve created a Github repo to help students and coding organizations troubleshoot any problems that might arise.

Codestarter has partnered with 27 coding organizations and crowdfunded more than 500 laptops for kids. The groups that we've worked with have been able to increase the number of students they serve on average by 47%, thanks to Codestarter laptop donations. Providing kids with laptops is not a one-time donation. Our donors and volunteers have made an investment in children’s entire lives, not to mention the future of the tech community. They have enabled children to learn and explore, and the kids who received Codestarter laptops will have access to entire fields of reasoning and creativity and future career options they never would have had.

As of today, Codestarter will stop processing donations and will issue final receipts for donors’ 2015 donations. We’re proud to say that every single dollar crowdfunded through our website has directly funded a child’s laptop. For those of you who want to continue to help more kids learn to code, Tom and I have selected 3 standout organizations that we encourage you to consider supporting:

CoderDojo Codestarter has successfully partnered with dozens of CoderDojo locations across the U.S. We’ve watched this organization grow exponentially across the globe and provide locally-driven after-school coding education for kids ages 7-17.

TEALS Codestarter has partnered with TEALS in-school programs and highly supports their mission to incorporate Computer Science in standard high school curriculum across the U.S. Industry volunteers partner with local teachers to provide training so that schools can quickly thrive on their own.

hackEDU High school is the perfect time for young adults to turn a passion for programming into something more serious, but very few high schools have coding clubs to help make that happen. hackEDU solves that by providing support and materials for students across the U.S. to jumpstart their own student-driven club!

For more than a year, Codestarter has been a project that brought together so many passionate and generous people, all focused on giving coding opportunities to kids who couldn’t previously afford to participate. Tom and I love you all for the impact that you’ve made in the world. We’re always happy to continue talking about kids, coding, education, diversity, nonprofits, and everything in-between.

Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to help more kids learn to code. The world will be a better place because of people like you. Keep diving in and doing good.